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How does Pater Real Estate screen prospective tenants?

We conduct a thorough background and credit check. Pater Real Estate’s team verifies present and previous employment, confirming income and job security. To determine if a prospective tenant qualifies based on income, we calculate 1/3 of monthly income for maximum rent amount.  We conduct present and previous landlord verifications, inquiring about any issues and late payments.  Using the CBC and AmRent, we check the potential tenant’s credit and criminal background.  Pater Real Estate presents all tenant applications and provides you with all the information you will need in making your tenant decision.


Where, other than the MLS, PaterRE.com, and free listings, can you advertise my property? Is there any additional cost?

Pater Real Estate’s Property Management and Property Rental services include advertising on MLS, our website PaterRE.com, Realtor.com (advertising on 27 other sites) and other free sites like Craigslist.org. Our general advertising for the company and our website throughout southern New Hampshire brings prospective tenants to our office and to our website where we have our extensive listing of properties.  If requested, we list your property on other websites and specific print ads and charge you for the cost of those advertisements.

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