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Gas Grills: Per New Hampshire Fire Codes, gas grills are not to be kept or used on decks.   A complete copy of the code is viewable here.

Septic Systems: To maintain a properly functioning septic system, follow these usage guidelines:
• Only toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet – nothing else. Items such as paper towels, tissues, and feminine hygiene products must not be flushed into the septic system.
• Toxic fluids (e.g., cleaning fluids, drain cleaners, etc.) cause damage to the system and should be disposed of sparingly.
• Please do not put grease down the drains.
• Animal fur or human hair is not to be flushed into the septic systems.
• Disposable wipes of any sort are not flushable (even if the say they are – DO NOT FLUSH)

Winter Reminders: Remember to turn off your outside faucets in November so the pipe does not burst. During frigid winter months, be sure to allow heat to reach any pipes along outside walls so they do not freeze.

Power Outages: Contact your utility company to report the outage.  If you are on a well water system or a septic system, use water sparingly as it is possible that the pump station is also without power and cannot replenish your water or process the septic appropriately.  A generator will only run your home, not the full system.

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